Monday pressure

Monday, lead-laden with tasks and liabilities. A whole week of hours and hours, of powerpointing, of random arbitrations, negations, and negotiations. This morning winter was back and they promised snowfall well into tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will need to go into the office, and already now I can feel how my bicycle tires will slide, making tracks in snow unmoved. There will be meetings, often less confrontational than I fear, but still I know my plans for tomorrow will be repeating inside me restlessly sleeping.

already squirrels
in our garden are squabbling —
crisscrossing paw-prints

Today Frank hosts Haibun Monday asking us to reflect on pressure at dVerse. To me, it was a very fitting topic for a Monday.

March 27, 2023

8 responses to “Monday pressure

  1. Ah the surprises of climate change. Warm Wishes Björn. What do i know of repeating snow.
    Here🇹🇹 its hot hot hot.The rains SHOULD return around June.


  2. You have captured the pressure of a Monday work day. I am feeling the crunch of numbers here myself.

    Stay safe, hopefully, not too much snow will fall.

  3. I can say with certainty (as I read your haibun) ….I am incredibly thankful retirement is where I reside. Well done Bjorn, well done.

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