Vernal sensations

You’ve gifted me daylight
a sun-tingled soft
sensation of changes,
a shift of perspective
from darkness to brightness,
a closeness to spring and
subtle sensations of joy.

While today it was overcast,
with daylight dressed
in pewter and clay
I’m still able to sing.

Landscape of the Vernal Equinox (III)
Paul Nash

Today the Mish hosts the Quadrille at dVerse, and the word is “shift”.

Join us

March 20, 2023

26 responses to “Vernal sensations

  1. “a sun-tingled soft sensation of changes, a shift” also in green vegetation. This year my canna lily is bright, bright, red; the squatty box roses are bright red as well, and there’s a little white blossom on the head plants pruned, that I’ve not seen them blooming before.

  2. daylight dressed in pewter and clay rings true here today as well. almost time for the sun to come out to play. enjoy when it does. i know i will

  3. Sing on, Brother. And: add my praise to everyone else who especially appreciated the pewter and clay line. Cheers

  4. I am very fond of the sentiment you describe, and can relate to it – you worded it exactly how I feel, while being unable to put it in words myself so it feels “just right” as your poem does.

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