I am more,
much infinitely interestingly originally
starship captain,
of the universe
and beyond.
Glenn Buttkus – Fistful of Zen

(sound cue) guitar and coronet.

melody somber, yet playful,
a slow trickle from the melting snow,
and an Appaloosa saddled
waiting for you to follow
the sunset, not into darkness,
but to plains, green once again
where the white buffalo waits,

(drone footage, following)

to lead you away
no more Putin or Trump
no riots or war,
no more snare drums or guns
no division of mind,
and you left us behind
with your words,
your sense and your passion
your fury and wit
and if you still
can listen you’ll hear us
humming farewell, telling that
we’ll meet you again.

(sound cue) cello and flute.

and, sun has finally set

As many of you may have heard by now, Glenn Buttkus, a pillar of the dVerse community has passed away. At dVerse OLN today we celebrate his memory, You are of course welcome to write whatever you want but if you want to join in celebrating his memory feel free to read and write.

March 2, 2022

24 responses to “Blackthorne

  1. I love how you echoed his style, including the sounds in the background for Blackthorne. I wonder how the series can be continued now. The sun has finally set with him but we will continue to miss his voice.

  2. This is absolutely stunning, Bjorn! You have echoed his style so well here! Glenn must be smiling right now 💙💙

  3. Oh Bjorn….if you could see me now, tears welling in my eyes. Leave it to yout to post the ending to Blackthorne for Glenn. I’m certain he’s thankful and approves.
    Thank you for this. Truly, thank you.

  4. Björn— so beautiful, and representative of Glenn. Wonderful tribute. Glenn’s special voice and energy is gone, and for me, so too is an irreplaceable ingredient of dVerse.

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