February night

On Saturday evening when the sun had completely set we took our backpacks, tent, and sleeping bags and walked into the dark wood. For the first kilometers we walked along a lightened path, but soon we left it, and with headlamps on we continued, under a less than half-full moon, a thin crust of snow covered the paths and after a few additional kilometers we left the path, and went into the woods to find a secluded spot where we pitched our tent. Inside the tent, it was cozy and warm and we slept until dawn. We had a quick breakfast and walked home to a warm cup of coffee.

more than a sickle
yet moonlight too anemic —
walking in darkness

The prompt for Haibun Monday today is Mezza Luna, or half moon, and is hosted by Frank at dVerse. On Saturday we noticed a most almost half-full when walking out into the woods to sleep a night outdoors. I have the idea to sleep outdoors at least one night every month in 2023, and this was the last possibility to do February. Next time it will be easier.

February 27, 2023

16 responses to “February night

  1. I agree with Marilyn, Björn, you are brave – braver than me! I’m happy to walk in the dark wood but not sleep in it. The haiku sums up your experience nicely.

  2. Sounds like a nice night out, sleeping out in the woods. I have turned I to a scaredy cat and wouldn’t do that any more.
    Best wishes for the rest of the year.

  3. I remember reading that before all our modern lighting, people would wait until the full moon to travel at night, so they could see where they were going. Night away from civilization is very dark otherwise! (K)

  4. What an invigorating and dare I say, “holy” experience. It sounds magical and humbling. And um, Cold. But I’m sure you were snuggled up cozy. All very atmospheric. And the pale moonlight – as you’ve described it “anemic” is just so lovely.

    As someone who lives surrounded by woods, with no immediate neighbours, I can really appreciate the tone of this Haibun. And wishing you more overnight adventures – in safety and peace. Talk about an amazing way to disconnect and recharge oneself. Awesome.

  5. Love your haiku, well-written haibun! My husband and I are campers . . . haven’t been in awhile though and now in mind of it again as spring comes on. Cheers!

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