Lasting kiss

Still at night upon my lips, an aroma dwells
and I sleepwalk into secret chambers where
I tiptoe in the warmth you left and it smells
of flowers, bloom until I have to face the fear
when once again I reach the time and place
where I have to meet your eye and hear
those baleful words, and to meet your face
transformed to sternness, to sense the tears
when you declared that the little playful kiss
we just had shared would mean a last goodbye,
and here I linger waiting in the taste I miss,
devastated crushed, tonight I cannot even cry.
but as morning comes, and with sunrise, I
realize that alive alone I still should try.

Kiss Me, Stupid
Rosalyn Drexler

Today we write about kisses with Kim at dVerse. A sketchy sonnet is my contribution.

February 28, 2023

16 responses to “Lasting kiss

  1. I have just read about a stolen kiss and now here is yours about a lasting kiss, Björn! I’m delighted that the kisses are all so different. I love the lingering aroma in those secret chambers and the heart-breaking lines:
    ‘and here I linger waiting in the taste I miss,
    devastated crushed, tonight I cannot even cry’.

  2. What a stunning write, Bjorn! 😀 The image of “secret chambers,” portray and speak volumes as the reader is led to visualize what a kiss can be .. lasting .. leaving a trail of emotions in its wake. “and here I linger waiting in the taste I miss,” .. yes! Your poem hits home! 💙💙

  3. The secret chamber of the heart and kisses – the aftershocks of the volcanic – so lyrically and somewhat playfully envisioned here in your poem, even for the longing and heartbreak thus supplied.

  4. The starting reminded me of two Beatles songs, one after the other, “The taste of Honey” and “There’s a place” both from their first album.

    Really poignant piece!

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