I turned away

I went across the landing
to the court reporter’s desk
the room was darker than ever,
her arms were bruised 
there alone 
near the back she had 

a small throat as if 
she didn’t mind
finger marks on her gullet
gouging right through 
turbulent seas partly open
banged up again
with a new intensity
bordering on another question.

The hissing started
at the back of her neck
but there were no traces of tear;
a rape case as dry as a sermon
I turned away, scampered out 
so I didn’t have to look. 

Interior (The Rape)
Edgar Degas

Today Laura asks us to patch up a poem from two different pages from two different books at dVerse. My choice was to use: “Never let me go” by Kazuo Ishiguro (page 89) and “To Kill a Mockingbird”, by Harper Lee. The text from “To Kill a Mockingbird” is written in italics.

February 9, 2023

15 responses to “I turned away

  1. Wow, Björn, two very tricky books to patchwork, and you’ve sewn them together expertly. But what a topic to write about. I felt quite traumatised after reading your poem! And what a phrase: ‘a rape case as dry as a sermon’ –sadly many rape cases are treated like that, and so many people turn away.

  2. This is incredibly potent, Bjorn! Wow! I love the subtle hint at darkness in this luscious poem 💙💙

  3. This part gives me a pit in my stomach:
    “a small throat as if
    she didn’t mind
    finger marks on her gullet”
    The way rape and sexual exploitation are rationalized away from the evil acts they are. Great group of lines to get your point across. True story: My son and a female co-worker were walking down the hall back to work. He wanted to get there quick so he walked ahead of her. She said to him, “Thank you for being respectful. Most of the other guys walk behind me so they can stare at my ass.” He didn’t correct her as to why he was walking ahead, but what a sad state of affairs when men are still looking at women as if they are pieces of meat 😦

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