Her creator – I am

As a doll-maker, I gather pieces of bright cloth, strings, and shards of sea-glass. I stroll the streets looking in dustbins and I sneak into graveyards to borrow from corpses.

By moonlight, with needle and thread, I begin to create. Every bit has its place, as an ear, as a leg or a fist. Everything I do is stitched with its color, with hues stolen from neighbors.

By midnight my darling is ready, and I leave it alone to soak in the silver the full-moon is spilling. To the toll of church-bells, she slowly starts moving. Her soul is a patchwork but in me, she sees her creator.

I name her Dolores and I know she is hungry. My dolls always are, and though she is cute as a button, don’t let her in when she comes knockin’, seeking to suck up your glow.

More dolls in my storage.

Today Lisa hosts prosery at dVerse. The challenge where we write prose of less than 144 words using a given line from a poem. Today Lisa has chosen Everything I do is stitched with its color. by W.S. Merwin, from “Separation

January 16, 2023

24 responses to “Her creator – I am

  1. This is soooo creepy! I read it aloud to George….yikes! A doll maker creating miniature frankensteins! You really got my attention!

  2. Bjorn, horror is your forte’. I’ve missed your stories in this vein (pun may or may not be intended.) “hues stolen from neighbors.” and how you ended it is truly blood-curdling.

  3. We need a new button as ‘like’ doesn’t quite fit. As you know, I have a phobia of dolls, so a ‘creepy’ button would be more apt. Is the doll-maker an associate of the aged librarian, Björn? The image of the doll-maker strolling and gathering from dustbins and graveyards is chilling, as is the moonlit needle and thread. But the dolls are terrifying!

  4. A creepy story as attested to by many. Hank sees this also as a classic way of story-telling that others find difficulty in creating but you did it very well Bjorn!


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