A Truth may flourish if it’s nourished well
to free your mind, but if Truths so taught
are turned to songs of arms or sacred spells.
They may kindle blaze in crowds, bespot
the despots or untell the lies of tyrants,
invoke the bully’s wish to quell dissent
with a force of death or disappearance
into labor camps with savage torment.

A Truth may set you free unless the vice
of autocrats, who drench your voice in pain
that ripple through your muscle, veins; and ice
of tyranny forever clean those stains
from fabrics weaved of lies and cruelty
Thus Truth is lost to ambiguity.

Vēritās vōs līberābit 

Chamber of Torture
Arturo Souto

Today I host dVerse Open Link – Live edition. Come and visit us at 3PM EST, link up any one of your poem, or please participate in the live event to read your poem, or maybe just listen.

My poem is an old sonnet that I have rewritten for this event.

December 8, 2022

11 responses to “Ambiguity

  1. This is absolutely stellar writing, Bjorn! The poem is perfect for the season and the image “ice of tyranny, ” is so strong and apt here! Thank you so much for a warm and lively OLN Live 💜💜

  2. A rickety age, precarious for its flooding half-truths. That we could live in no uncertain terms again. Perhaps climate catastrophe will burn away the ambiguity.

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