Truer Tomorrow

Today I decided to leave I woke up late.

It was overcast and as usual, you had already left for the city. I had nothing to clean, there were leftovers in the fridge (and in the freezer) for weeks to come. Books held no attraction and on the TV they only showed reruns.

After breakfast in silence, I go for a walk down to the ocean.

The ocean had melted into the sky. This is a day lacking horizon, a day lacking plans.. a life unlived.

I undress, carefully folding my clothes by our usual spot. The water is neither cold nor warm. This is nothingness.

I immerse myself in the tender gray. I swim undisturbed seeking my lost horizon.

When you find the pile of clothes that I left, you will not know that somewhere I have finally found myself a truer tomorrow.

Photo by Max Berger on Unsplash

Hello, today Lisa hosts Prosery at dVerse with lines from a poem by Cella Dropkin:

In the tender gray, I swim undisturbed

Lisa has a great story about Cella who was born in what was then the Russian Empire (actually in Belarus) and finally came to the US as a prominent Yiddish poet.

December 5, 2022

16 responses to “Truer Tomorrow

  1. Bjorn, I love the symbolism of the clothes here. I also love the implication that he’s going to a life with lots of color in it ❤ Beautiful use of the line.

  2. A day without a horizon, no ending or beginning…I like the way you capture the feeling and the search within the gray of it all. Love how you broke up the line.

  3. The melting into grey works well with your character. Will he be missed? The clothes image suggests this person was a a stranger to all. Well-penned, Björn.

  4. On the first read I thought he swam away to his end… the grey of death. On a second read, I thought maybe the truer tomorrow is a positive light. Intriguing and beautifully put together.

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