Gathering dust

She was a hoarder, mom
saving pebbles and coins
random pictures and art.
collected, gathered, saved

With her glass in my palm
I recall the layers of dust
onto maps and the charts
for the stuff that she craved

Now in heaven, no qualms
she stuffs her infinite space
with goods filling her carts
happy now in her grave.

Dead my mother is calm
never with things, she’ll part.

Not my mother’s home

Today Mish hosts dVerse Poetics and asks us to write a poem to commemorate a loved one you have lost in celebration of the dia de los muertos. In Sweden this is celebrated on Saturday when we have all saints day. I can also say that I have written the poem in a form called Bref Double, which we will all write in Thursday when I host MTB.

November 1, 2022

11 responses to “Gathering dust

  1. A beautiful tribute and remembrance of your mom Bjorn. You sketch her uniqueness so lovingly. Thanks for the note on the form as well – I will try this on Thursday.

  2. I think there is much unwrapped within the brevity of this piece. Dust gathers to be swept away, but memories gather for good.

  3. A beautiful tribute to your mom’s love of remembering the moments and possibilities in life.

  4. My grandmother was a huge believer in dusty shelves, remembering to clean when the mood struck ~~ this poem (love the form) reminds me of her .. how much I loved her.

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