Illusion of enlightenment

Embraced by boughs
a clearing is his cave,
a cavity of viewpoints,
windows both to creeds
and devastating dogma,
in the forest, thoughts
find refuge in his home;

embraced by books
the aged librarian sends
roots into the darkness
deep below to lift ideas
for the wind to grasp
and spread as rain
for us to comprehend
… or die.

Embrace by Lee Madgwick.

Today Sarah hosts at dVerse with images by Lee Madgwick. You can find more of him at but please only use images shared by Sarah at dVerse.

September 13, 2022

21 responses to “Illusion of enlightenment

  1. I love the aged librarian series. This photo also captivated me with its boughs and forest. I specially like the roots into the darkness deep below to lift ideas. Do or die, I can imagine the consequences.

  2. Ah, you catch something of the sinister here … I have a mixed relationship with libraries … and as for librarians …? Comprehend or die sounds a grim edict, so please may I be let off homework tonight?

  3. I have always enjoyed this series of yours. Roots in the darkness deep below, those marvelous trees of wonder. The aged librarian is a wizard of sorts in a magical land.

  4. roots descending into darkness in order to bring up ideas ( into the light) or rain – in order to live or die… love that whole train of thought.

  5. Björn,

    Books and boughs, roots and rain, caves and thoughts/ideas: the lodging of the aged librarian breathes refuge and promise. He has that quality of both wizard and recluse: so intriguing.


  6. Oh, he returns, in a wonderfully dark tale of the strange. He returns to elucidate and to warn. I had always wondered where he made his home my friend. It’s as exquisitely mysterious as he… 😏

  7. This is very profound, in a positive sense. I especially liked, “a cavity of viewpoints,” and “to lift ideas for the wind to grasp.” The last line conveys a sense of urgency. Of course, the title of the poem sets the tone, “the lens” through which the poem should be understood. Overall, very intriguing words.

  8. A nice Librarian poem, Djorn, I like it. Now perhaps our muses won’t need to poke around in the darkness, just hold her/his net and cross fingers for a large catch.

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