Profit Fox

We had this great idea for a new company. It would revolutionalize the way retail operates and we went ahead and started coding a solution. We developed an app together with a clothes store and managed to grow their business by double digits, but before scaling out we needed funding and went in search for investors.

Peach Bloom Equity had all the right contacts in the business and we developed a business plan with all the right buzz words and started to hire together with Stephen Poon from Peach Tree as an advisor. By sacrificing marriages, health, and families we were on the brink of global success when one day we found that Peach Bloom had spun off another corporation with Stephen as CEO bringing our solution to the market using our code base. 

I was hired at the engineering department still driving my old Camry. In front of the office, I sometimes see Stephen parking his Ferrari coming back from the country club

At dusk, the sly fox waits to ambush the early bird in search of worms.

Profit fox
Nicholas Roerich

Today I host at dVerse MTB, and the challenge is to write Aphorisms, My choice was to write this as a (fictional) haibun with an Aphorism formulated as an American Sentence.

September 8, 2022

18 responses to “Profit Fox

  1. Welcome to the world of capitalism, which will be the death of us all. I think the bird is a little late to be called early at dusk, ‘but so it goes…’ (vonnegut paraphrase.)

    Wonderful pics Lillian shared of you all ❤

  2. “sacrificing marriages, health, and families.” – I think that this is not only reminiscent of “climbing the corporate ladder;” rather, this seems like an even more pervasive way of life in America, especially, amongst anyone trying to get ahead in his or her profession – the peril of materialism.

  3. Thanks for the Prompt, Bjorn. I think I will change my aphorism lines to be italicized. I taught Business classes in a college for 22 years, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, and a few Intro to Business Classes. The Entrepreneurship class students were all required to write a business plan. The first week they knew by heart the Profit and Loss statement, a.k.a. the Income statement. I had them start with the bottom line, take-home profit. You’d be surprised how many cars a week a used car lot has to sell to make a profit, we ended up with figuring that part out. And make it better.

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