Finding the forest

The library is eternal
limitless with
chambers followed by chambers,
halls and corridors
and rooms within rooms
with no distinguishable symmetry.

From the robed librarians
shuffling gently between shelves,
a collective mutter can be heard
from tirades, pleas, and prayers
read from restless books
with wilful intentions.

Within the library the rumors
say, there is a room
of silence, lacking
prose or poetry.
The room it’s said
is furnished with a simple chair,
and a table plain as day.

Upon the table rests
a composition notebook
with directions
to the exit from the caves
wherein the library rests.

If any of the aged librarians
find this exit
they will tiptoe gently
and disappear into the fog
of the endless forest cemetery
we call the universe.

The Navvy graveyard at Tornehamn

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September 1, 2022

17 responses to “Finding the forest

  1. loved visiting the library again and finding the room with the exit clue – the notion of an “endless forest cemetery
    we call the universe” adds a suitably surreal ending

  2. A lovely and surreal journey into librarian’s Nirvana, and how clever to make it a spiritual way station.

  3. Love those Librarian verses, BR. Thanks.
    Your imagery here of the “room of silence” & its sparce furnishing / lack of books is very effective.

  4. “there is a room
    of silence, lacking
    prose or poetry.”
    There in lies a golden key. Nice one Björn.


  5. So thats where they are!! I love your library poems!
    And this line “Within the library the rumors
    say, there is a room
    of silence, lacking
    prose or poetry.”

    I don’t think that is possible. I find poetry and prose begin in silence.

  6. This is a wonderful narrative you tell! I love the whole illusion of it, it reads like a film. Not the worst place to be trapped! 🙂 I love the second and final stanzas especially; the restless books muttering, and the surrounding fog of universe.

  7. Have you read The Midnight Library? Your poem brought it to mind. Evocative and surreal.

    Bjorn, I just discovered that you are responsible for Chiaroscuro’s being sent to the moon! Congratulations on that!! I somehow missed out on its publication and see it is now out of print . Could you tell me, please, which of my poems was published in it? Judy

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