Riding with Death

I die with kisses bleeding on my brow
guarded, hardened by her lies when parting
her shadow sieved from sorrow, thus awoved
beauty burning and the bliss of Amor’s darting
clean amissed. my hollow chest grows cold
from tainted rain of dearth I’m left and now
rusted me – I rest to cease, I won’t grow old!

Riding with Death
Jean-Michel Basquiat

Today at dVerse Laura gives us examples from various poems to celebrate the kiss and make-up day whcch is today. From those examples she wants us to use the words as the first words to create a poem in a form of our choice.

My choice was to use “I guard her beauty clean from rust” from the poem “The Kiss” by Siegfried Sassoon.

The form is a rhymed 7-line poem written in (pseudo) pentameter.

August 25, 2022

14 responses to “Riding with Death

  1. I absolutely the love the image of “her shadow sieved from sorrow, thus awoved”. Every part of this challenge was met. This is eerie and wonderful, Bjorn.

  2. This is excellent Bjorn! And I love the image you paired with your verse. Bravo my friend! 👍🏼🙂✌🏼

  3. An ambitious septet, Björn, which you pulled off with a flourish! I love the opening line, especially the alliterative ‘bleeding on my brow’, the deft enjambment throughout, which is necessary in this kind of prompt, and the final line reminds me a little of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18.

  4. awoved? do you mean avowed? Or is it a form of wove? Anyway, I like the flipped phrase “I rest to cease” and admire your cleverly combined challenges!

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