Neverending tale

The loss
of pulsing hearts
to bombs and beatings, sticks
in myths, grows, fester into rage,

as sharp as ice
rests dormant and decades
follow decades, explodes in spring
with zeal

With zeal
fresh, young soldiers
mold themselves to nations
tie themselves to lies of greatness,

attained by men
in coffins found, medals
pinned to their decaying corpses

into legends —
lore of vindication
a neverending blood-filled tale
of us.

Arno Breker

Today it’s the 5ht of the 5th, Cinco the Mayo, and therefore we write cinquains with Laura at dVerse.

May 5, 2022

21 responses to “Neverending tale

  1. Again, the cirlcling nature of the Crapsey crown – and the form works so well with the content of the poem. how do we ever escape from the cycle of violence?

  2. A build up, like a real orchestral build up, and one feels Tchaikovsky’s cannons in the final lines…yes, it is the never ending tale of blood let, of us…

  3. I like reading this as if it’s about lizards, even if a metaphor—because of what you did with tale/tail and loss in the first line, making me picture the creatures’ mysterious powers of healing and regrowth.

  4. Powerful poetry my friend! As Helen said, quite sobering — and sadly true.

  5. Hi Bjorn, this is dead on (pun??), for the present, before, and the future. Innocent civilians, children and aged, and the young MEN and WOMEN fighting for cause.

  6. “medals pinned to their decaying corpses.”
    That is such a visceral image; shudders.

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