May days be blessed with May
not Mayday from the fray of war
not gore, not sores, no dismay
not murder, rapes or genocide;
pray May be May; let’s bar the war
to grow inside, infest our heads
with images of corpses, dead
in cellars and on streets; don’t
let misery of war defile the sun.
may day be blessed with May.
Mayday, Mayday, let May be May

Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May
John William Waterhouse

A quick poem from me, written for dVerse OLN where Grace hosts tonight,

April 28, 2022

17 responses to “Mayday

  1. I pray for that glorious month of May, filled with sunshine. The war news are dreary and gloomy Bjorn. I am just thankful that we are going to have a good May day. Love the sing song beat of the verses.

  2. Your plea is more than needed in fact…there must be a way of stepping away fir a breather, from this intense craziness, barbarity and bloodlust…it is just so intense.

    Wonderful picture to go with the verse.

  3. Bjorn, we can’t afford to let the dark overshadow the beauty of what still exists. Your poem begs for acknowledgement that there is still a lot of beauty in the world. Every day I see a new picture of my granddaughter I feel it.

  4. I love the twists and turns of letting May be may. I hope we may all find a way to deal with the new horrors facing us. troubling times. May you find some inner peace .

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