Ekphrastic wind – four American Sentences

Franz Marc, Flatternde Wäsche im Wind (1906)

Only a wild breeze may kiss memories of sunshine into linen.

Joseph Farquharson ‘Cauld Blaws the Wind Frae East to West’ (1888)

Small bare feet struggle in mud in the last effort to cross the border

John Sloan, Sun and Wind on the Roof

Even after the bombings, his blood has to be washed from the shirts

Claude Monet, Woman with a Parasol, Madame Monet and Her Son

Remembering her shadow covering day’s final sunlight, I sleep.

Today we are doing Ekphrastic on the wind with Merril at dVerse, We have the choice of using any of the four pictures above, but I couldn’t choose, so I did four American sentences with my mind constantly on what happens in Ukraine for each of the pictures.

March 1 2022

26 responses to “Ekphrastic wind – four American Sentences

  1. These are exquisitely woven, Bjorn! I especially love; “Remembering her shadow covering day’s final sunlight, I sleep.”💝💝

  2. These are so well-crafted, Björn. Like condensed summaries. The third one was so poignant. The fourth one is similar to what I wrote in longer form.

  3. Definitely feeling the Ukraine-inspired vibes in these lines, but somehow the horror of the war takes on a different tone in these poetic sentences . . . loving the first one the most!

  4. The lines are tinged with the events of the Ukraine’s war which I have been following too. The second and third lines really stood out for me Bjorn.

  5. Very ambitious to tackle all four paintings, with a sterling result. I love American sentences, and yours are wonderful. Your war vibe somehow fits the images.

  6. The contrast of the mundane task of laundry and the inconceivable death by bombing are shockingly juxtaposed. The cognitive dissonance the poem and images creates illuminates the confusion, horror, numbness, and unwavering desire for peace that accompany conflict.

  7. Bjorn, each of these sentences captures the horror, the reality of what is happening now … perfectly penned and why I enjoy American Sentence poems.

  8. My 1st thought was an American Sentence approach to at least one of these, too, Bjorn. I’m glad I opted out because anything I wrote would have paled by comparison. Well done. Thanks.

  9. I have always remembered that you were the reference for American Sentences, and I mean that sincerely…and your sincerity is pure, undiluted inspiration…your first is so literary, stunning..the second, full of emotion, and through it I can see what Ginsburg was thinking when he highlighted this form and brought it forward..your last sentence…tension wrapped in a calmness…which I see in wise words spoken these days…thank you Bjorn, very much..

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