Today at war

Attacked at war, today Ukraine
we rage with you we share your pain
the tyrant always craves for more
he can’t be sated ‘till in vain
he stands alone in blood and gore
Today Ukraine, attacked at war

Today it’s you; another fight
if any calls are heard for rights
or freedom they are sent askew
to meet a bullet in the night
he seeks his foes in all that’s new
another fight, today it’s you.

This is an old caricature I found in a book about the second world war, and it is about the Soviet Union’s war against Finland after the Molotov Ribbentrop pact divided Europe between Germany and the Soviet Union.
The text underneath says,
The old history:
“Your provocations are unbearable. When I come to loot you I find that you have locked the door

Today we are writing a new form at dVerse with Grace. The Sparrowlet, which is a bit complicated to describe in my post. It was an intricate puzzle to lay, but I think the topic fitted this sad day for the world and Ukraine.

February 24, 2022

30 responses to “Today at war

  1. I wrote my poem before I heard the news, so my day had started rather more optimistically than it continued…a sad day indeed. You capture the mood well in your poem.

  2. We are with the people in Ukraine, we share their pain against the tyrant. The second stanza is really scary – its just going to be another fight. A very timely theme for sparrowlet Bjorn.

  3. I like this with a sad heart. The images out of Ukraine are shocking and truly upsetting–though, historically speaking, not unexpected.

  4. This is the most important poem you ever wrote, in my opinion, Bjorn, and should be spread far and wide. The pen is mighty, but Ukrainians also need very much to see solidarity like this. There is so much quality in your raw, hardhitting words, and they made me very emotional reading them, and your notes afterwards fit well too.

  5. Such a shame today 😔 the guy cannot be trusted- the poetry form fits also well with yesterday’s and a devil persists and lies (amassing troops yet did not wish to invade 🤦‍♀️) problem is I do not think they have any qualms on what he will do to get what he wants

  6. Well, brother, our poems are nearly bookends; so cool. Hard to write about anything else today. Breaking news is always ripe for comment.

  7. A heartfelt write Björn.
    And now more people are forced to be refugees in Europe. So very sad.

    Much love

  8. This asshat needs to be visited by a midnight stealth squad. I just couldn’t think about any more about perverted human attitude today, so I pulled a Scarlett O’hara. “I’ll think about that tomorrow.” ✌🏼

  9. As if the world wasn’t in enough turmoil! What the HELL is he thinking? I’m sad at heart over this and also grieve for the peoples of both lands for this mad despot.

  10. Some things never change, Bjorn, as your old cartoon shows with such bitter irony. Your expert use of the form here shows us the bare, bleak truth and is also a riveting cry to fight back.

  11. Yours is such a touching poem, Bjorn. I’m so deeply saddened by the war that has come upon the Ukraine and I hope that they will persevere and overcome the Russians and their idiotic notions. My heart goes out to the Russian citizens too who hold this war in contempt.

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