Lady of Pity

Gull me.
muse me darling,
just feign for me
a little while
keep on telling
rosebud tales,
fill my veins
with candy lies.
paint me pink,
and you may slander
talk behind my back,
call me cuckold,
but let me live like this

The Lady of Pity
Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Today De hosts the Quadrille at dVerse and the word is Muse. Come, amuse us when the bar opens at 9 PM CET.

January 10, 2022

32 responses to “Lady of Pity

  1. Oooh there was so much teasing there…wonderful…and the line about vein and candy… feels the desperation…..wonderful, and only 44 words…

  2. Rosebud tales i dare say will have it potion of rosebud thorns. Don’t you think?
    Happy New Year

    much love…

  3. That confidence and feeling of dominance is well placed here for a guy of the world. Love this men-folk superiority kind of talk Bjorn!


  4. “keep on telling
    rosebud tales,
    fill my veins
    with candy lies.”
    Such wonderful words speaking such ugly truths. You do have a way with them Björn.

  5. This is delicious,Björn. I feel like you’ve let us in on a dirty little secret (and I love it) that we’re all willing to go beyond boundaries to appease our muses. Cheers

  6. Hey there Bjorn, missed you at OLN at the beginning of the year and something of a departure for you this one methinks… I admire its brevity and sharpness, the message clearly defined with poetic precision. The whole notion of a Muse has always been a powerful and entrancing one for me, throughout my sometime over-eager development as a writer and am fortunate enough that several have come my way at pivotal moments over the many years I’ve been chipping away…

  7. Reading this back to back with Sanaa’s was like seeing the flip side of the same poem. Everyone deluding themselves, but who is more aware?

  8. No matter how cynical we may be when we try to see ourselves truly, we go for the candy in the veins every time. This is full of sharp lines, and even fuller of insight. Loved it.

  9. Gosh, I love your poems, Bjorn. You’re a well of inspiration. This one was kinda sad, but the imagery the words showed me are stellar. Thanks. xoxo

  10. “keep on telling
    rosebud tales,”
    These lines tell it all…..and the person wants to keep pretending, so hungry to keep this relationship. Lack of self-confidence….sad.

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