Cityscape fragments

Cars, passing, their headlights
illuminating the cadaver
of autumn’s last hedgehog.

Left on the sidewalk
the butt of a cigarette, lipstick-stained
part of a shopping list (unreadable)
faeces from a mid-sized dog,

In her wake, waves of Chanel no 5
and a faint echo of
leaving stiletto heels.

Rats, dusk-unashamed
feasting on slices of pizza
(pepperoni and capers)

A brimming trashcan with
crumbled-up divorce papers (unsigned)
a super-market bouquet of roses
an empty chocolate box
and an empty beer can.

Staring at stars,
a peregrine falcon on a skyscraper ledge
forgets for a while, the city below.

Chaos, Nr. 2
Hilma af Klint

Fragment poetry for Laura at dVerse.

December 2, 2021

33 responses to “Cityscape fragments

  1. oh you have mastered the fragment poem Bjorn- based on the philosophy of Schlegel “A fragment should be like a little work of art,
    complete in itself and separated from the rest of the universe
    like a hedgehog. – and that first stanza references that perfectly

  2. This is exquisitely woven, Bjorn! I especially love; “In her wake, waves of Chanel no 5 and a faint echo of leaving stiletto heels.”💝💝

  3. Wow, this was great, so many cool images. My favorite phrase out of so many is Autumn’s Last Hedgehog, which is in title case because it is an awesome title prompt!

  4. The goings-on that preceded the time observed were typically revealing of the activities of a big city. All sustained through scraps strewn in the streets. Great observation Bjorn!


  5. I love this, you have captured all the fragments of the city. I think the falcon has the best view and the ability to take flight at will. To have wings….

  6. Each scene of cityscape bears its weight lightly, implying an untold story in the discarded remnants on pavement or gutter or trashcan. The last stanza takes us to a transcendent place above the squalor of life but not beyond its beauty. Loved this, Bjorn.

  7. Pergrin falcon, proudly rested, high above the concrete and clamor of the city. Fully aware and fully removed, knowing that city like above you above your will.. A truly fearless cosmopolitan bird, bawdy, bold, and brilliant. They have trained us well to erect the high and loftlui vestigle pulpits of their realizations! Domain

  8. Fragments of life, just as they, are without decoration or alteration. This is excellent. I like how you have combined the human world and the natural world within this.

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