Dear child

The way we fare
with soil and air
with elk and hare;
how do we dare
to mine and tear
our earth apart?
beware it’s for
our future heir

Dear child,
How can we bear
to be greedy and unfair?
How do we dare?

Child with Red Hat
Mary Cassatt

Today Linda hosts with the Quadrille at dVerse with the word being fair. It inspired me to play a bit with rhymes. .. not sure if the light rhymes is the right form to use for something so serious after the COP26

November 26

34 responses to “Dear child

  1. Gorgeous use of rhyme here, Bjorn! I agree, in light of climate change conference one cannot afford to be greedy and unfair.

  2. What a combo, light-hearted rhyme and hardass message. I have 9 grandchildren, and I do feel guilty sending them out into the world we have despoiled, plundered, raped, and abused. Excellent quadrille. What form did you use, rhyming every line?

  3. So much here to like. The rhyme for a child, addressed to a child, with the earnestness of a child, gives force to “how do we dare?”

  4. This is catchy. Like a jingle or a nursery rhyme. Nothing here takes away from the seriousness of the urgent situation we are in.
    Remember ring-around-the-roses? And all those childhood nursery rhymes? They’re still around because they are catchy to children and adults.
    This one is genius. We need one like this for the times we’re living. Thanks for writing it. Stupendous.

  5. Great line about the earth as our future heir. If we could only convince others to see that perspective. I love the scolding tone, too. Well done, Björn.

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