Oblivious Blackbird

I watch the bombers pass, an echo of warmth from your hand in mine. You were saved below in the company of earthworms and maggots. Saved from being blown apart, saved below a proper headstone.  

I watch the city burning, I hear the screams of neighbors and sense the reek of death, but I also hear a blackbird singing, oblivious; and in its songs, I am bombarded yet.

I stand, an anvil of guilt is chained around my neck. Falling to my knees I beg the bombers to return, to claim my soul 

but utterly alone I cry.

I thought I saved you from the horror of fosfor melting on your skin, a quick goodbye was better than being burned alive.

I drop the bloodstained shovel to the ground, turn and leave for my long journey into hell while the oblivious blackbird keeps singing.

USAAF B-17 Flying Fortress bombers over Europe

Today Merrel hosts Prosery at dVerse, and she asks us to include the line; “I am bombarded yet I stand.” from Adrienne Rich, “Planetarium”.

November 8, 2021

24 responses to “Oblivious Blackbird

  1. A gut-punch, a clarion call, another war poem for your lexicon. Scary, horrific, yet personal and connected. Excellent response to the prompt.

  2. Wow, Björn! This is definitely is one of your best. The regret of making the wrong decision can be a fate worse than death. Maybe especially when the difficult decision was done out of love. The imagery you used hit me in a very visceral way.

  3. Mm yes..that comment about making the wrong decision really got it…the dilemma that the blackbird clearly does not have to live with..

    • Your story (or manifest) managed to use the quotation perfectly. I think we have failed a lot in the west, maybe even worse when we have good intentions… maybe when we were blunt about it, we were easier to understand.

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