That night
the moon was cold,
the rattling wind,
a moody breath
was sullen, sick
and tiptoed close
to death.

You came before me
veiled in silver,
exhaling as
the night you died;

that night
I burned your letters
but I kept the ash

A little quadrille ghost story for you tonight. The word is ghost and Sarah hosts at dVerse.

October 18, 2021

38 responses to “Veiled

  1. This is deliciously dark and haunting, Bjorn! I love the image; “veiled in silver, exhaling as the night you died,”.. an Octoberish feel to this poem 💝💝

  2. Luv the surprise at the end line where i was able to exhale

    Thanks for dropping by to read mine


    • yeah, I agree with Chris… and also – it makes me wonder… what did he do with her body if even the letters were worthy of turning to ash and keeping?


  3. Provocative and deeply emotional – the closing is absolute and (almost) wretched, but in a most elegant feeling/way – it speaks with both a bitter tongue and yet one equally honey-tipped; such is the translation and transmutation of Love.

  4. Really great quadrille! It took me on a journey but maybe he needs to let the ashes go as well…

  5. So very Gothic, yet a touch of Poe, and some romantic echoes that rise
    from the passionate ashes of deceased love letters.

  6. It is amazing how much power you manage to get from very simple words simply laid out Bjorn!

    This poem is defibitely for autumn, and of course is about autumn itself should one wish it so…

  7. Skillful imagery and a mood of haunting that is all pervasive.Even the wind and air are sickened, and the burning that brings ash still leaves us cold. A complete gothic tale in 44, here, Bjorn.

  8. The figurative language here (moon tiptoeing close to death) is as riveting as the concrete imagery (letters, ash) and shocks us into a deliciously gothic awareness . So well done, Bjorn.

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