I never was
the cool or chic
I was not le freak,
not wild – I merely
mixed my tapes
prepared to bloom when cool
meant math
or having read Camus,
but still I knew the moves
and danced along alone
until one night

Today Lilian is hosting at dVerse, trying to find some songtitles from the ones that were number on from the billboard list at … unfortunately it didn’t work for me so I went to Wikipedia instead and browsed through the years until I found something I recognized. The photo of me is a few years before Le Freak made the billboards, but it was the only song I listened to at the time from this list. I might actually have danced to it as well as it was the same year as I finished highschool.

1961 Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
1962 Peppermint twist
1963 Walk right in
1964 There! I’ve Said It Again
1965 Downtown
1966 We Can Work It Out
1967 I’m a believer
1968 Judy in Disguise (With Glasses)
1969 I Heard It Through the Grapevine
1970 I Want You Back
1971 Knock Three Times
1972 American Pie
1973 Superstition
1974 You’re Sixteen
1975 Please Mr. Postman
1976 Love Rollercoaster
1977 Car Wash
1978 Baby Come Back
1979 Le Freak

19 responses to “Game

  1. Love what you did with the song title here…..good ending too. But mostly, I love the photograph of you! Do you remember….did you pick out the orange hat and orange boots to match? Dapper, even as a young boy 🙂

  2. This is such a gorgeous, gorgeous write, Bjorn! 💝💝 The title blends in perfectly and I agree, “cool meant math or having read Camus.” Sigh .. maths and I never got along haha 😀

  3. Bjorn, such a nice picture of you when you were a kid. I really love this part:
    “but still I knew the moves
    and danced along alone”
    You reminded me of the scene in “Napolean Dynomite” that I love love love so much:

    I say fly your freak flag with pride.

  4. Bjorn,
    Couldn’t help but smile at the picture, and the fact that shyness be damned, you rose to the occasion as demanded.

  5. As a poet, your former shyness has evaporated, and your creative energy holds together this rag-tag group of international poetic scribblers. I love the hit list you included; mine became the foundation for my whole poem.

  6. Great poem, Bjorn, and I loved every single song on your list. I had no luck with Lillian’s URL either — it only went back to 1940, which wasn’t far enough for me!!

  7. Love what you probably did with the tune name here…..appropriate finishing too. But mostly, I love the image of you! Do you remember….did you choose out the orange hat and orange boots to match? Dapper, whilst a younger boy. Thanks you for sharing this information. It’s really helpful to me. . ApkAppMods – Best Android Apps Games Apk Mod Store

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