Cloudberry Paths

Mountain recollections
linger in the taste
of cloudberries spooned
over ice-cream slopes.

I shut my eyes
dream to bend
to pick the mire gold,
creamy soft,
preserved for this.

You feed me berries
making mountain-plans
for paths to walk
for summers yet to be.

Today Mish hosts dVerse Poetics to write about fruits or berries. As I missed the Quadrille yesterday I am also linking up there.

For those who have never tasted Cloudberries it is a wonderful unique taste that makes an excellent jam. It is filled with preservatives so you can save it by just mixing with sugar. It is very high in vitamin C and has been known to save sailors from scurvy.

September 21, 2021

30 responses to “Cloudberry Paths

  1. Oh my…we found cloud berries in Newfoundland. I had no idea they grew in your area as well. Such a unique shape and taste. I love the idea of “mountain recollections”….”linger” made its way into my poem unexpectedly. Just wasn’t willing to wittle it down to size.

  2. This is absolutely breathtaking, Bjorn 😀 I so love the idea of making
    “mountain plans,” and have been meaning to make one to visit them in Northern areas myself. 💝💝

  3. Bjorn,
    “Ice cream slopes,” “mire gold” and “mountain-plans” sweep one away into a delicious idyll of summers past and future. Irresistible.

  4. has been known to save
    sailors from scurvy.

    Seems to be common traits of modest berries in other instances also. Saviours but seems just ordinary little fruits!


  5. Cloudberries are new to me … but I want to go on a mountain walk and get some now!! You captured the magic of seeking them.

  6. Your poem shines, nailing the prompt, and giving us a thrill in short order. You are so fortunate to be an outdoorsman, and have such experiences.

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