Bracken -brown I breathe, one eye opened
camouflaged, alone. I note the callous sun
gone pale, grey behind its autumn shroud,
almost turning day to night and my moth-
mind. moon-mind, flutters skyward higher
where in the cold embrace of night we will
later waltz, Madame Moth the Moon and I.

Today Sarah hosts dVerse Poetics with a prompt where we are writing from the point of view of an insect. The picture of the moth in the wilted bracken I took during the weekend and it inspired this short piece.

September 14, 2021

22 responses to “Moth-moon

  1. I had to zoom in on your picture to spot the moth, so she is certainly well camouflaged! I love all the alliteration and assonance of ‘my moth-mind. moon-mind,’ Really in tune with the moon!

  2. “where in the cold embrace of night we will
    later waltz, Madame Moth the Moon and I.”

    Love the ending—
    and the beginning.

    “Bracken -brown I breathe, one eye opened”

  3. Pretty picture, kindly poem. I don’t mind moths outside and at a distance. Close-up in the house, no thank you! It’s still a mystery how they make their way inside from time to time.

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