While we make plans
for where to go
next spring
or when to visit friends,
we plan for birthdays,
to live while

in between
each heartbeat dwells
in darkness — death,
an interlude of indecision
to go on or cease — to live,

Riding with Death
Jean-Michel Basquiat

Today De hosts the Quadrille at dVerse… a poem of 44 words including the given word “heart”.

August 23 2021

34 responses to “Indecision

  1. I’ve been reflecting on this kind of subject over the past month visiting my childhood home. We all have these layers of personal history which seem so deep when life is so short. I love the way the final lines can be read two ways.

  2. This is deliciously dark and brooding! ❤️ You capture the feeling, the essence of one feeling indecisive so well here, especially love; “death,
    an interlude of indecision to go on or cease — to live,” … love how this takes the poem to a deeper level 🙂

  3. Not one of your usual styles, which I hope you’ll consider a compliment of your range. The abruptness of each line is quite a nice touch, and I enjoy the mix-and-match’dness of the language here – like pieces of a fragmented thought. Excellent.

  4. There is distinct discomfort with that interlude of indecision between every heartbeat. It feels like drum beats of pressure, almost like the Poe’s tell-tale heart. It’s also like an elephant in the room. Excellent atmospheric piece and the artwork goes well with it.

  5. I think you have captured the reality of life and current events. Making plans is hard when the future is uncertain. This veil of darkness called
    covid still hovers altering the best of plans.

  6. … to live, please!
    We all go to those places/ that place in the poem, we need to. And I love the way you penned and presented it to us today. Thanks for bringing us this awareness. Enjoyed.

  7. Life is so precious made even more so by your words. Death surrounds us each day- in the news, in doctor’s waiting rooms, in over burdened hospitals and yet the human spirit lives on.

  8. I feel the questioning in your words and the image. I think we are allowed free will in the gaps. There is so much room in your words for different interpretations as well, which is what life is all about! 💓

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