Still life with strawberries

When working from home during the current heatwave I once again recall how cool an office inside can be. Even now, when it’s close to sunset, our house is too warm for me. All the windows open, the balmy breeze gives some relief as we sip the ice-cold water. But we are privileged living close to water; this afternoon we took a brief pause and walked down to the shore and jumped into the water to cool off a little bit.

Later this week, on Friday, we will celebrate midsummer, sitting outside until sunset, barbecuing and being bitten by mosquitos. We will share stories and strawberries; in this summer solstice we might briefly forget the pandemic, even if children will not dance around the maypole this year.

this strawberry breeze
as dusk is melting to dawn —
summer solstice

Still Life With Strawberries
Constantin Stahi

Today we are writing Haibun with Frank at dVerse, and the theme is solstice which is today. This means that the sun sets after 10 PM and rise again at 3:30 AM. Between it will never really get dark.

June 21, 2021

25 responses to “Still life with strawberries

  1. I would love to experience the magic of a solstice so far North. I understand about working from home and the heat: the only way I survived summer in Andalucía was by taking refuge in the office!

  2. ooh strawberries picked still warm from the sun. no sun this solstice here in southern England a bit of a damp squid. remember foundly my kids when they were young enjoying bbq’s and the like on a long warm evening.

  3. Barbequing and strawberries, and a cooling dip — the very best side of summer!

  4. I would love to visit the far north at this time of year. I’ve only been in the winter, when the light fades from sunrise to sunset. I love these long days. It’s a bit cooler here than it has been – hoping for some more sunshine soon. How nice to live so close to the water that you can stroll down for a cooling dip!

  5. Very soothing and halcyon, a perfect portrait for the prompt. Ah, yes mosquitos, the summer muckrakers. When we drove to Alaska, the mosquitos were so bad, we almost came home early.

  6. The summer solstice is perhaps the juiciest strawberry for me. Just months of memories to make and adventures. Oh, that first taste. Perhaps we are in the same heatwave as it has been swampy here the last few days.

  7. This is lovely, Bjorn. I just read something brilliant about strawberries today and I smile to see you mention them here. They are a passion of our existence, and–health.

  8. Strawberries are such a good symbol for this time of year. And you’ve captured the need to pause, reflect, that it brings. (K)

  9. Ah mosquitos, nature’s killjoys. I can relate to this as we live in a hot land too, and sometimes relief is hard to find.

  10. “We will share stories and strawberries;” … This, and the haiku, sigh—gorgeous.

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