Anger Managment

Brother, there’s
no bother being
well behaved
and kind
if you are,

like you,
a tiny bit inclined
to be a better
for another, 

but brother,
please first befriend 
and let any boiling
rage subside,
and find the sage
of staying silent.

De hosts the quadrille at dVerse with the word being bother, Total number of words has to be 44. Hope to see you around.

April 19, 2021

36 responses to “Anger Managment

  1. Yes, I agree. Also love that brother/bother word play. Befriending oneself first, and loving oneself first too, is important. Happy spring to you Bjorn!!!

  2. Great advice Bjorn
    ‘first befriend
    and let any boiling
    rage subside’
    Nowadays when I’m confronted with rage, I think about the self-loathing which gives rise to it.
    I LOVE the Bacon painting.

  3. sound advice and I love how the words slip the stanzas so that it comes out in a hesitant unpreachy friendly advice kind of way. Such a clever response to the prompt too

  4. This is absolutely stellar writing, Bjorn! I love the wordplay on brother/bother 🙂 one must befriend himself first indeed, and let the rage subside. 💝💝 Fabulous artwork too!

  5. I like what Laura said, about it coming out as friendly advice. I think there’s more involved in rage than self-loathing but the advice is sound. A whistling teapot over the flame too long will dry out and crack into pieces.

  6. Oh but we could all heed this advice of the sage. Why be such a bother to our brother and sister? Love this, Björn.

  7. but brother,
    please first befriend

    Okay, first of all – this is simply TRUE. Secondly, I did not see this twist coming! Well done, Björn!


  8. and let any boiling rage subside,
    and find the sage of staying silent.

    Love a piece of good advice like this, Bjorn! Just stay silent to cool off the rage. A cooling-off makes one act rational after that!


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