The breeze turning warm;
leashed  to the wolf-clouds of spring 
she lustfully 
broke our snowman to mush;
once in the frost 
he was a sentinel-tall
an icicle-pride of the garden,
a man made of winter and snow;
but now, 
to the wind, he’s succumbed.

I think of the snowman
as tonight you are closer than ever, 
whispering, telling
you’re sorry
it’s simple as always, again,
I think as I melt in your breath
and where the snowman stood,
are daffodils,

Springtime. The Last Snow.
Isaac Levitan

Today we are doing turns, shifting the perspective with Peter at dVerse. I made it simple for me, thinking of how much warmer it has become the last few days.

February 25, 2021

20 responses to “Breeze

  1. I love this poem, Björn! I know that breeze, it’s been here this week, and today we had ‘wolf-clouds of spring’. I feel so sorry for the snowman, once the ‘icicle-pride of the garden’, now mush. The turn in your poem is so romantic it turned me to mush too!

  2. Cracker of poem Björn – a lovely play between the warm wind and the lover – the snowman and the offended poet. I particularly liked how the two images entwine towards the end – the poet is no longer ‘thinking’ about the snowman – but now ‘is’ the snowman – melted, flowers blooming, lovers embrace.

  3. This is gorgeous, gorgeous writing, Bjorn! 😀 I love the subtle shift in perspective; “as tonight you are closer than ever, whispering, telling
    you’re sorry it’s simple as always, again.” 💝💝 You rocked the prompt!

  4. So beautiful, Bjorn! That image looks like around here. I love the suggestion that things that took on such importance in winter melt away with spring. Glory be that they do.

  5. Daffodils appearing where the snowman fades is like finding last year’s fallen Autumn leaves when the drifts retreat. Fine work, BR.

  6. I read a doubling of erasure — breeze melts snowman, untrue beloved says no. The meniscus: “he’s succumbed.” The miracle: flowers.

  7. Luv your poem Björn. That pride can be seduced by time and melt into the embrace of a lover is truly a gorgeous romantic inspiration

    Thanks for dropping by to read mine


  8. You say it’s simple but there is certainly an undercurrent of something deeper here:
    ‘it’s simple as always, again,
    I think as I melt in your breath
    and where the snowman stood,
    are daffodils’
    That parallel of the spring thaw with the dynamics of a relationship is powerful.

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