Shadowed silence

During the first days of the pandemic, the world grew silent as if in chock. Even the wind faded and the water surface mirrored the pale whiteness of the overcast mornings. From time to time the calm was broken with the sound of yet a helicopter bringing in yet a patient to the emergency ward. On such a morning we saw the white eagle sailing over the waters hunting its own shadow. Was this a signal of changes to come? Almost a year later I still don’t know, but I hope that we will learn to live in a world where eagles are valued more than helicopters.

the music of silence —
strolling even closer to water
shadowed by wings

Today Frank hosts dVerse Haibun Monday and inspire us to write haibun inspired by eagle and eagles.

February 1, 2022

23 responses to “Shadowed silence

  1. Yes, the sounds of helicopters disrupts the peace of a beautiful setting. Much rather have silent wings of eagles. You’ll probably never look at helicopters the same way again.

  2. Clever, close to brilliant. Are eagles totems and worshiped in Sweden as in America? This piece is haunting, yet not depressing.

  3. The initial silence of shock.
    Living across the street from Massachusetts General Hospital, I can relate to the sound of the helicopters….MGH has a helipad and in the summer especially, when our windows are open, we can hear the whir of those rotors and know someone is arriving for hopefully life-saving help.

  4. I love the legend of the white eagle, said to be a symbol of hope. The legend appears in many tales of the American Southwest.

  5. Wonderful bittersweet piece Bjorn. I was listening to our Dr. Fouci here in the US warning of a surge owing to the ongoing mutating strains, that new have shown the propensity to reinfect those with an even more deadly virus. I am getting my first of two COVID-19 vaccinations on Feb 12th — but I am wondering if it will keep me safe. I have now been self-quarantined fir a year. What a g’damned nightmare.

  6. Apologies for coming late to reading and commenting, Björn. I love the ominous atmosphere of the ‘shadowed silence’, the way you describe how the ‘water surface mirrored the pale whiteness of the overcast mornings’, and the juxtaposition of eagle and helicopter.

  7. This underscores the fact that, with distancing and isolation, the pandemic has given people a better appreciation for nature. As valuable as social interaction can be, it’s not a bad tradeoff.

  8. Amazing read, Bjorn. I hope we learn to live in a world to appreciate earth and all she has to offer. Mankind can’t control the earth. It will however control the world, for ‘world’ is a human construct.

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