Morning coffee

Be I,
the broken cup
you stain in scarlet 
sipping coffee;
lipsticked leisurely.

Be I,
the fumes that twist
its hungry fingers through 
your moaning bangs
caffeinated eagerly.

Be I,
caress of sugar
melting on your tongue
inside willingly 

Be I,
be us. but no
this coffee has gone 

Three studies of hands including that of a woman having coffee by Charles-Andre van Loo (Carle van Loo)

Today Grace hosts at dVerse and wants us to use imagery or personification (or both). I tried my way with a personification of various aspects of the coffee to get a bit of intimacy. Also, some imagery has been used.

January 4, 2021

25 responses to “Morning coffee

  1. This is absolutely phenomenal writing, Bjorn! 😀 I so love; “the broken cup you stain in scarlet sipping coffee;lipsticked leisurely.”💝💝

  2. The taste – sensory delights leaps out for me, similar to William’s poem, This is Just to Say. From the opening passionate lines (lipsticked), it quickly becomes cold coffee (a hint of a relationship status).

  3. Magnificent coffee personification here, Björn, and use of repetition gives it structure. My favourite lines:
    ‘you stain in scarlet
    sipping coffee;
    lipsticked leisurely.’
    Shame the coffee went cold, but the heat seems to have been elsewhere.

  4. “Caress of sugar, melting on your tongue, invited inside willingly.” snagged me brother. Men spend the majority of their time with women patiently waiting to be “invited inside”.

  5. Trust you, Bjorn, to turn a cup of coffee growing cold into a red hot sensual adventure, sadly cooling too soon.

  6. Now I’m craving a frap, lol.

    My fave:

    “the fumes that twist
    its hungry fingers through
    your moaning bangs
    caffeinated eagerly”

  7. Bjorn, I’m working on a book with an artist friend who uses tea cups as a metaphor, and I wonder if I can suggest that we include this (I’d find one of his works that this fits)

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