Darling, my dearest
harken my babbling,
my dabbling at wooing
I wish it would do
and maybe to hasten
your heartbeat
from largo to presto;
I might blabber a bit,
but my lack of coherence
is simply because
your presence
subdues me to sunshine.

The Lovers by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Today we dabble with De writing Quadrilles at dVerse. 44 words that has to contain the word Dabble or Dab.

January 11, 2021

29 responses to “Subdued

  1. Oh my GOODNESS. This bit right here has so much fun sound bump I can hardly stand it:
    “harken my babbling,
    my dabbling at wooing”

    So much rhythm, too. LOVE it.

  2. This is incredibly exquisite, Bjorn! 😀 I love the wordplay here especially; “I wish it would do and maybe to hasten your heartbeat
    from largo to presto.” 💝💝

  3. Internal onomatopoeic rhyming, the hastening of the ‘heartbeat
    from largo to presto’, and the wonderful oxymoron at the end. Wow!

  4. Humor and romance, the perfect Monday poetic. You did structure this like a 19th century dabble; kudos.

  5. And this is exactly why My Beloved Sandra so often simply cocks her head, squints, and smiles when I’m finished driveling.
    Awesome work, BR.

  6. Enjoyed this Bjorn, dabbling, babbling and blabbering, how to find the right words to entice a lover. I think she would be quite taken with this suitor.

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