Withered Safe

I’m snug, I’m safe inside from wind and rain
no wanton wind, no moors, no raucous rooks
can find my hidingplace, my inglenook,
It’s warm and lonesome; I am dulled; the pain
you left behind when all the bliss you took
      I wither, wane.

Despair by Walter Sickert

Quadrille, and Linda hosts. the Quadrille at dVerse. the word is inglenook and I thought I’d tell a little story in rhymes.

December 14, 2020

21 responses to “Withered Safe

  1. You’ve captured the idea of inglenook as sanctuary here, Bjorn – both from the elements outside and from internal anguish. All melts away when staring into the fire.

  2. Being snug and safe inside is all important, but I do love the sound of the ‘wanton wind’ and ‘raucous rooks’. Great use of alliteration on ‘w’, Björn!

  3. This is absolutely stunning, Bjorn! 😀 The quadrille in its entirety flows so smoothly! I love the sounds in this quadrille especially; “no wanton wind, no moors, no raucous rooks can find my hiding place, my inglenook.” 💝💝

  4. So beautifully haunting. It is the warmth that protects us from the hurt and pain, does it not? I love how you describe that in its pure essence, sort of reminds me of “I am a rock, I am an island” by Simon and Garfunkel with these lines:

    “I’m snug, I’m safe inside from wind and rain
    no wanton wind, no moors, no raucous rooks”

    So stirring.

  5. Excellent images, and heart-wrenching circumstances. It made me think of a homeless man dreaming of an inglenook and a lost love. I’m a bit upset with these selfish wayward runaway women who often show up in your poetics; bunch of bitches.

  6. The abrupt change in direction half-way through the poem brings the reader up short. It made me think of a horse heading for home and being driven on through the cold and dark instead.

  7. Physically safe but emotionally endangered, it’s going to be a long winter for the grieving man. A very sad story. I hope he makes it through to sunshine again.

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