Low pressure

The tapioca-sky keeps
her secrets close to her bosom, 
she stays silent,
plucking her eye-brows, brooding 
with thunderhead tongue, 
but when I deal she says
sits speechless and smiles.

Is she content
with a passable pair of eights
or a full house of aces and knights
pulled from the sleeves of her cumulus-dress?

The tension is building, 
tiptoes galvanic, magnetic when
she opens and cackles
revealing her flashes,
her flow and her rain,
her blessing and curse,
flowing to rivulets, rivers
turning dirt into puddles and mud,
turning deserts to lakes, 
and I trade my chips for seed-pods and grain,

From this our harvests are born.

Three Peasants with Spades on a Road in the Rain by Vincent van Gogh

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October 15, 2020

30 responses to “Low pressure

  1. I love that shade of the tapioca sky. And no one can bargain with mother nature with all of our cards. Love the energy & tension building, when she opens up for seed pods and grains. We are blessed with good harvests indeed.

  2. That’s a great choice of artwork to illustrate your poem, Björn. I enjoyed the personification of the ‘tapioca-sky’ – what a way to describe a sky full of cloud and storm! I love the image of her playing cards with ‘a full house of aces and knights / pulled from the sleeves of her cumulus-dress’. The cloudburst and lightning flashes in the final stanza bring the poem to a fabulous crescendo, and the country wisdom of the final lines.

  3. Oh this is gorgeously worded, Bjorn! 💝 I so admire; “Is she content
    with a passable pair of eights or a full house of aces and knights
    pulled from the sleeves of her cumulus-dress?” Only time will tell … 🙂

  4. I love the idea of the farmer as gambler. Of course, it is always a gamble – and I never met a farmer who didn’t have something to complain about – nothing ever goes quite to plan. I love your personfication of the sky, especially that cumulus dress!

  5. You continue to take us on uncharted journeys, rife with striking imagery and electric language. The sky is bitch/goddess, sultry and dangerous, like an atmospheric silkie. The farmer is gambler, part winner, part loser.

  6. Oh Björn! You make me smile and instantly fall in love with your Lady. Though I would not play with her, she seems way to wiley. A cackle is a mark of witchy powers. 😀

  7. I loved the analogy of how our dealings with nature are always a gamble. The images you conjure are so vivid – I especially liked “she stays silent, plucking her eye-brows, brooding.”

  8. I love the symbolism of a pair of 8’s, which to me are the same old thing over and over (infinity on its side.) There are parallel meanings that are deftly woven in your poem.

  9. kaykuala
    suddenly, she opens and cackles
    revealing her flashes,

    Love this Bjorn! You’ve captured the irritating moment often seen when they gleely revealed their superior hand triumphantly


  10. Very clever piece Björn, the conceit of the poker game and bargaining with ‘lady’ weather – laughed at the pun of ‘revealing her flashes’ (flushes) – and liked the energy and release in the second stanza – all those ‘f’ sounds falling down the lines. And a lovely coda to the whole sparkling performance.

  11. What a unique poem to go with the art by Van Gogh. I do feel like the men in that picture are up for the game, they’ve got 3 spades after all 🙂 The sky is such a tease at times.

  12. Excellent build up and very clever! I loved the connections between the card game, the artwork and the weather.

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