Dumpster motherhood

She grew up to be wild, but ended up a street-urchin, teen-age mother.

For the sake of her kids she grew up fast and found herself a moderate dwelling, she had to feed and protect them, and that made her wise.

Wise but exhausted she watched as they twilight-twirled in their dreams

They sleep with the moon veiled and protected by blackness she left them to scavenge the dumpsters for food.

Last night she had found a half-eaten burger and the night before she found gravy-soaked fries

It had been raining, but the puddles had dried leaving no freshness behind.

She tiptoed close to the walls not to cast any shadows and pulled by the scent from a hot-dog she navigated through the reek of urine and booze from a hobo snoring away.

She a fox-mother, queen of the city, was proud to survive.

Picture found here

Today at dVerse prosery hosted by Merrill we are writing prose in maximum 144 characters that also has to include the following quote

In their dreams
they sleep with the moon.”

–From Mary Oliver, “Death at Wind River”

I also link to earthweal where Sherry hosts a prompt of “Considering the non-human world”

Also, I wanted to be prepared for this Thursday where I host dVerse Open Link and a real online event. Join us early at 3PM EST and meet other poets in an attempt to have a real open mic event.

September 14, 2020

35 responses to “Dumpster motherhood

  1. That animals adapt so well to urban environments is a marvel in itself, but you have made us see this mother-fox as the backbone of her family. Love the poetic imagery intertwining throughout the narrative. 🙂

  2. What a brilliant twist at the end, Bjorn! 😀 The prose is riveting and I love the way you have incorporated the line from Mary Oliver’s poem. Inspired 💝

  3. I like the title, Björn, and the fox image is lovely! I love the way you built up the character in this piece, this wise but exhausted mother who watched her children as they ‘twilight-twirled in their dreams’ (great phrase!), and slowly revealed her true nature.

  4. Bjorn, how wonderful to see you at earthweal. Thanks, kiddo. I love your fox-mother, though it is hard to think of her trying to survive on even the edges of a city, a hard life. I love “they sleep with the moon veiled”. A wonderful write! Thanks for stopping by earthweal. My heart smiled when I saw you.

  5. As noted, excellent write. I thought it was a human mother, homeless, on the streets, with her children. The image is too\ perfect; did you start with that?

  6. A fantastic, fox-eye view of the human world! I used to love watching the urban foxes when I lived in London, though I got in trouble with the neighbours for feeding them, of course!

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