Caught (again)

Even when he’s
eavesdropped or exposed,
his exit from untruths
is never to admit
but to lie,
deny or shy the facts;
blame or bully,
shame and smear
until nothing that
we overheard
can be pieced together
into sense again.

Today it’s quadrille time at dVerse, Kim hosts and the word is eavesdrop or a variety of that.

September 7, 2020

31 responses to “Caught (again)

  1. You’ve portrayed him so accurately, Björn, and used creative compound words to do so. I love ‘cookie-jar-red-handed’, which conveys how infantile he is, and ‘lie-entangled’ and ‘matter-mangled’ are brilliant. Lots of excellent rhyming too,

  2. Man, I feel you. It’s really hard not mention tRump when we write, or think, or are immersed in his dark visage. I think this is the first Trump poem you’ve written.

  3. You speak the truth, my friend!! I hope we will vote our way out of this mess. Great image too!

  4. This is just perfect Bjorn. I am on twitter and he just lies all the time. I love the word compound description and the photo, smiles.

  5. kaykuala
    Reelection appears to be a foregone conclusion. No more lies after that and the new normal of credibility in government to be seen again!


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