Annus Horribilis

This is enough I thought; with pandemic police brutality, imploding economy and nothing more to binge on Netflix.
How can this be worse?

I jumped on the next Portapod® for Tralfamadore.

Of course, I knew about their proboscopes® and tickle-inquisition. But I would learn about our future.
The Tralfamadorians always told me tidbits about what will happen next, and I hoped to get some pleasant news.

I was wrong; I learned about the Annihilatians.
They look like bunnies but are not benign nor curious.
They don’t want to rule; they are only cruel.

Happy annus horribilis. We have 204 days left.

OK, I am not the only one seeing a strange spaceship and thought about Billy Pilgrim and his connection to Trafalmadore. Sometimes know about our future is worse than living in the present.

The community of Friday Fictioneers is a wonderful community where we share hundred-word stories every week to the same picture. Rochelle always selects the picture and provide a great example where we can write anything that comes to mind. Visit here site to join or click on the froggie below to find more stories.

June 10, 2020

28 responses to “Annus Horribilis

  1. I cant recall the book well enough to get all the references, but it fits in well with the year we’re having. Time to go back and reread perhaps.

  2. Grim view of things, Bjorn, but happy dancing compared to the wondrous Mr Cohen’s dystopian vision.
    Any post that features him gets full marks from me.

  3. Yes it certainly has turned into one of those. Clever stuff you write. Oh, don’t think I didn’t notice that you couldn’t help but had to have a bit of rhyme at the end. Good one!

  4. On January 3 a person walking through our apartment parking garage broke out the back window of our Ford C-Max. And that is how the year started for us.

  5. Oh dear, what a humorous intro that zoomed into the shade. Trying think of what I’d do if I knew there were only 204 days left. Cute Kerminaut!

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