No more playing tricks

Numbed on drugs she gets no kicks
fatigued she won’t be playing tricks
again on sleazy dudes; on pricks
she loathes; on normal men; a mix
of jeans and middle-class; the bricks
and mortar that to nations stick;
to inequalities that she can’t fix.

Prostitution by Paul-Albert Besnard

Here is a Quadrille with 44 words including the fix. Lot’s of good rhymes. More at dVerse.
May 18, 2020

23 responses to “No more playing tricks

  1. I admire the rhyming verses Bjorn. Still relevant today as it has been in the past. Some inequalities we can’t really fix.

  2. Well, I keep having to run the troubleshooter, which resets the Wireless network adaptor for a while before it goes off again, so I’m typing quickly! I like the rhyme in your quadrille, Björn, and the dark undertone.

  3. Such a well-crafted poem. Offering so much to each reader to reflect from our own perspective. I really love the drumsticks rhyme/beat in that relentless pace (which seems to show all that is emerging now and with it the awareness that the time for playing tricks has quite disappeared. Things are getting real.)

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