Time arrested by death

Touch me darkly
my black beauty princess,
my deep-purple queen
across golden acres youth
over mountains of joy and down
into valleys,
down into darkness of depths,
on the pathways of sorrow
on the trails of tears
through losses where the dazzling
blues of our past
rests forgotten and burned;
lead me tender and true
barefoot and blind
on the embers of yore,
together we’ll find our blossoms again
and forgetting the thorns
we will sleep on the flower-beds
naked, newborn, and raw.

Time Arrested by Death by Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Today we write poetry on names from a seed catalog with Sarah at dVerse

May 12, 2020

23 responses to “Time arrested by death

  1. lead me tender and true
    barefoot and blind

    That is a fantastic use of the prompt words, love the echoing alliteration. I loved your ending as well – that sense of exhausted passion – excellent.

  2. This is so nicely done, Björn! There’s some stunning use of alliteration, I love the ‘deep-purple queen’ and the shift from ‘mountains of joy’ into the darkness and ‘pathways of sorrow’. Has she been led astray on the flowerbeds, ‘naked, newborn, and raw’?

  3. I agree, your last line is killer, and bravely you tackled seven terms, making them serve your poem, owning them.

  4. I’m imagining Robin Williams (in What Dreams May Come) saying this to his lost-in-limbo wife, while he’s trying so hard to retrieve her from the depths and draw her up to heaven with him. Remember?

    I love that movie. And this poem. Excellent work.

  5. kaykuala

    You managed very well to include many of the names of the seedlings coupled with a smooth flow of thoughts!


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  7. I like the hope in this. Their support for each other even in the darkest of times and places and ability to move forward despite these bad timed.

  8. Your words have just described the feelings for my husband and I as we approach our 53 wedding anniversary. Loving the memories of the past and still looking toward new beginnings each day.

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