Silence and tea

If you make tea for people returning from a flower viewing, displaying a painting of flowers or birds, or a flower arrangement in the tearoom is inappropriate.

In music —
sometimes I see
how moonlight is spilled
  like silver in sea
or I watch how an orchard
   is blooming a Monday in May,

a symphony might
be perfumed
with attar of roses
or the musk of a mistress
   found in a love-letter
   hidden, forgotten;
A sonata might bring me
the rains of November,
   or the tears of rejection
   a Sunday in June.

The electric guitar
playing a solo
might be the tenderloin beef
   grilled to perfection
   and eaten with friends.
the woodwind
is often redder than wine,
and those drums taste
   better than tiramisu.

That’s why my tea
should be served
with nothing but sugar of silence
   and you.

Tea Time by James Tissot

This is written for toads, where I have failed miserably in writing one poem per day.

April 27, 2020

8 responses to “Silence and tea

  1. “nothing but sugar of silence,”… this is such a beautifully constructed poem, Bjorn! 💝🌠 Each image more captivating than the previous! 😀

  2. I like a lot your closing lines. “my tea should be served with (I’ll skip the sugar and silence) intimacy and you.” Sounds so nice, I might not would have wanted the tea.

  3. Wonderful, Björn! There is so much to praise, it’s hard to choose just one or two lines. The final lines are so romantic.

  4. This is lovely. It’s true how hearing specific music cam bring us back to times gone by, but nothing compares to immediate intimacy.❣️👍🙏

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