Curse my name

The night she flared
in fury: flushed with roses
on her apple cheeks,
her perfect periwinkle eyes
still stole my heart;
and though her cherry-lips
could curse me
I never stopped to grin
for the fickle fact
that she had baned
my name.

Angry.Woman by Joan Snyder

Word is flush when Mish hosts the Quadrille at dVerse. You just have to add another 43 words.

21 responses to “Curse my name

  1. The image of the angry woman is quite scary, Björn, but whatever turns you on! Seriously, you’ve obviously had a lot of fun with this poem. I love the alliterative ‘flared / in fury: flushed with roses / rising…’ and those ’perfect periwinkle eyes’.

  2. There are some places arguments should never go. You must have done something pretty awful to get that kind of a rise! I like the subtlety of the last part.

  3. A spirited partner can be the spice of life. A woman needs the space tol speak her mind, and we need to listen; even if it hurts.

  4. Interesting write Björn, tangoed in the rythm of alliteration. Oh my that supporting image is scary

    Happy Monday


  5. Some just love to get a rise in their partner. They think it keeps things exciting; and they do, for a while 😉

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