Working from home has become a habit. I am now into my fifth week away from the office and gradually we are settling into a new normality. We have tried to make the new normal as close as possible to the old normal

The clock radio goes off at 6:30 and by 7.05 we are having breakfast. We leave for work at 7:40 and go for a 25 minutes walk, and with a freshly brewed cup of coffee I sit down with my computer. Usually, the first meeting starts at 8:30 and we break for a joint lunch. I prepare powerpoints, do some analytics and try not to check how many have been diagnosed with Covid-19. After the work-day is over we leave our desks and walk home again.

When walking we have noticed how silent it has become, and when walking closer to the water we can see the cormorants gathering. Harbingers of another kind of spring. The other day a white-tailed eagle spread its wings over our heads; maybe it’s attracted to silence. Social distancing like this almost feels normal.

in a glass vase —
eager to burst into bloom
magnolia buds

Today Kim asks us to use an autobiographic poem of our own to construct a haibun at dVerse. My choice is to use the poem I wrote last week called clinging. Working from home has become a habit. It will feel strange when we go back to normal.

March 30, 2020

17 responses to “Normal

  1. Five weeks away from the office already! Do you think you’d like to continue to work from home after the pandemic is over, Björn? I like that you have a structured day, and ‘walking to work’ and having lunch together. I try to give myself structure by making a list every morning. I’m so glad the cormorants have broken up the silence a bit – and hope that social distancing doesn’t become the norm. Your haiku is a lovely surprise!

      • I still have the tail end of the last chest infection. No persistent dry cough or fever, just voice loss and trouble breathing. But with my asthma and diabetes, I’ve been given strict instructions to stay at home. I write in the morning and clean, declutter and rearrange in the afternoon. Today I cleaned and reorganised the kitchen cupboards, and it’s made a difference!

  2. It’s likely all this working at home will change the face of the work force when the pandemic has ended. We will be living a new normal, I believe.

  3. When I wasn’t traveling for work (which was often), I had home office days. I got a lot more done than when I went to the office! Happily, those days are over now. Well done Bjorn.

  4. Of course, being housebound is my “normal”, between being retired and disabled. I, too, am just getting over a bronchial incident; the dry cough is almost gone. I believe that in a few months, we will emerge into a new world. Like looking in the mirror after losing 50 pounds; but how long will it take to regress to obesity and nonsense?

  5. It is a surreal time. We go out only for a grocery run once per week…but also try to get out for a walk every day, thinking about where the fewest people will be on our path. I’ve taken up painting again…which I haven’t done in years. It is a new normal for sure. How wonderful that you can take a walk before beginning to work at home. Stay safe, my friend.

  6. The social distancing thing is reminiscent of 1984… will Big Brother be watching all our movement and social connections! I hope this is not the case. Love your magnolia blossom.

  7. I like that you walk to work and home! I too have noticed how sounds are much louder now that there are less of them, even through my open window. (K)

  8. As if the prose weren’t enough, BLAMMO! a killer haiku. If anyone asked me “Whatza a Haibun?” I’d steer them here. My hat is off.

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