The art of writing

The aged librarian still keeps the ancient typewriter he bought from his uncle when he had ambitions of becoming an author.

“I must study the masters”, he said.
But the more he had read the more he was humbled.

“My writing will never be art… then let it be fact.”

He studied history, science, and law. but the more he read the more he saw the knowledge he lacked.

He sits by his desk, caressing the keyboard and musing:

“By reading I’ve learned… I never will know how to write… but that is more than most authors ever will know”

So here is another story with my aged librarian. He is a person that knows everything about social distancing. So he will be safe in the current situation. But once he had dreams to create instead of living the dreams of others.

Rochelle gives us the prompt and sets up the challenge of writing to the same picture every week. We are the Friday Fictioneers. Visit her page or click on the frog to visit the other stories.

March 25, 2020

36 responses to “The art of writing

  1. This is brilliant. That ending is perfection. Reading is the ultimate pleasure, joy, and medication.

  2. The Aged Librarian needs to try. It is his mind, not his fingers, that have decided. He’s wasted a lot of time already. His first step is to step out of the library!

  3. Sadly, more true than we would like to believe. I’ve dipped into some books that are self-published. That means no editor, no proofreader who knows the job, poor organization, discursive conversation, etc. The stories are often halfway interesting, but the poor mechanics just turns me off. What they don’t know? English grammar, spelling, punctuation.

    Too bad. It matters.

  4. This line – “But the more he had read the more he was humbled.” explains exactly how I’ve felt for so long. I’m very glad The Aged Librarian have you to tell us his tales and wisdom.

  5. Well that blows. I think the librarian should try anyway. Everyone has something to say, for all he knows, his voice just might be one people want to read.

  6. Ha, great last line! At least others have tried, though, this chap sounds like a perfectionist, he’ll never be satisfied with anything he does.

  7. I enjoyed this Björn. Whilst it is true,’the more we read the more one can be humbled’. But do not stop writing is my mantra, even if it is a book on how to be a librarian.

  8. Interesting viewpoint. Perhaps he is a perfectionist who will not write until the words flow the way he wants them Maybe instead of worrying about how others write he should write the way he can.

  9. It’s that fear that keeps most people from chasing their dreams. That’s why the only book I read is “Battlefield Earth.” If that can get published, anything can.

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  13. Insightful read. Over the years, I have read hundreds of books. Most of the classics and many from popular authors of the time. James Elroy, the famous noir crime author doesn’t read other books in fear that it will influence his work. The two authors that influenced me the most are John Steinbeck and Ernest Hemingway. Writing is not an easy task.

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