Transient transition

Not and never more was
my first kiss ever
given in a game
of truth or consequence,
hesitant Maria’s lips
brushed against mine
dry and warm
while class-mates jeered;
we must have blushed
but what I most remember
is the strangest way
she made
my heartbeats rush;
my first kiss ever
was brief but was still
a transient transition.

She kissed the bear on the nose by John Bauer

Today Merril hosts at dVerse and the subject is Impermanence. That first kiss was brief, and nothing more happened, but almost 50 years ago I still remember this kiss, as my name means bear I can imagine that I am a bit like that old bear beeing kissed on the nose.

February 25, 2020

25 responses to “Transient transition

  1. You found a very creative way to blow the socks off the prompt. My first kiss was at ten. We had a couple of girls who hung out in our gang of project kids. We just pressed lips together. My first romantic kiss was at 14; she was 16 and knew what she was doing.

  2. There will only ever be one first kiss. Mine was in 6th grade and was awkward as well and on a dare at a basement house party. His name was Randy and he had bright red hair and freckles.

  3. I love the poem, the memory and, especially, the image of the bear being kissed on the nose. Smiles.

  4. I love the phrase ‘transient transition’, it makes a great title, and I so love the Bauer picture, old bear! I also love the way you turned a distant memory into a palpable experience in your poem, Björn; my husband and I first kissed in a playground game of kiss chase. I’m glad Maria made your ‘heartbeats rush’!

  5. A wonderful deep memory of what might have only been a fleeting moment in real time and I love the John Bauer image too 🙂

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