Muddy Monday

Monday’s a heavyset woman
wears boots
and tramples through mud;
she’s dressed in a hand-me-down trenchcoat
and as she pulls up the collar to ward off
the sleet that is carried (with menace)
she greets another beginning
of spreadsheeted bickering
by deforming her hands into silence of stones.

Her office is one among many.
Her desk is a cornfield emptied of crops.
Her coffee is cold, she has clouds in her eyes,
but when evening arrives
she goes home
and curls up to sleep in the bed
she shares with Tuesday,
her savior and man.

Another muddy morning (drawing with coffee and ink wash) by Alfred Freddy Krupa

Today Sarah inspires us to write about days of the week at dVerse.

February 4, 2020

17 responses to “Muddy Monday

  1. Ah, Bjorn, that is utterly fabulous! I think I’ve met her, I know I’ve been her! I have her walking across my brain now, trying to look up at the sky, with those cloudy eyes. I’m glad she gets to curl up at the end. Very tender.

  2. I LOVE your description of Monday! Fantastic! Grinned all the way through. She makes a delightful mental image.

  3. Excellent piece, brother. Perfect flow, creative word-smithing. I liked the line /by deforming her hands into silence of stones/.

  4. This does describe how I generally feel on a Monday. Though, as a heavy set woman, I’d much rather be a Wednesday or Saturday, given a choice!

  5. I enjoyed the alliterative (and, at the moment for me, very realistic) title, Björn, but most of all, I love the personification. I can see Monday, that heavyset woman in boots trampling through the mud – she must be from Norfolk! I love the lines:
    ‘Her desk is a cornfield emptied of crops.
    Her coffee is cold, she has clouds in her eyes’.
    I’m so glad she curls up with Tuesday – they go together well.

  6. Honestly, I think these days of the week poems are some of the best work I’ve read among the dverse cohort. They’re all just brilliant– “the bed she shares with Tuesday.” I love it!

  7. Oh you almost made me feel sorry for her, but I think I may detest her, muddy boots and all! At least Tuesday seems to appreciate her. You really brought her to life.

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