There is always a sequel

You may think,
that in the end
when Scrooge
had changed
that all was good;

when even
Tiny Tim declared,
“God bless Us,
Every One!”
we may relax

… but alas,
every story has a sequel
for the worse
and since the greed
is growth
and growth
is Gordon-Gekko-good
there are those
who God
bless better
than you and Every One;

so before you realize
that there
is nothing
growing better than
cancer of the human mind
Tiny Tim has died.

Mish hosts Poetics at dVerse today and asks to take the last sentence of a book and use embedded in a poem. I went (again) for a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and the last line “God Bless Us, Every One”

January 14, 2020

29 responses to “There is always a sequel

  1. You’re on a bit of a Christmas Carol trip at the moment, Björn! I’ve often wondered about a sequel and what would happen to Tiny Tim. I suppose we all die in the end and fiction is a reflection of life. What would the aged librarian say to that?

  2. Ah, come on, Bjorn. Tiny Tim will never die. He lives on in the hearts of all of us who enjoy Christmas! Greed comes in phases. Extinction Rebellion and the like are standing in front of us like the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, warning us of disaster. Maybe we will listen.

  3. Really good voice here –
    And kind of a realism slap!
    And I could feel this English accent with the part about god blessin’ folks differently –
    And —
    To know a Christmas Carol
    So well helps me Appreciate what you did here –

  4. The character of Gekko has risen from the past to join Trump’s merry band of greedy madmen. I had always suspected that Scrooge would back-slide, fire Bob, and watch Timmy die.

  5. “In 2013, psychiatrists Dr. Samuel Leistedt and Dr. Paul Linkowski published a study of the portrayal of psychopaths in film, and cited the Gekko character as a realistic portrayal of the successful, corporate psychopath: ‘In terms of a successful psychopath,’ they write, ‘Gordon Gekko from Wall Street (1987) is probably one of the most interesting, manipulative, psychopathic fictional characters to date.’”

    I’m very interested in seeing the movie(s) now. Thank you for touching on the reference.

  6. Realistic and dark. I especially like the voice. Greed is probably the source of everything wrong in this world. Love this one, Bjorn.

  7. As my mother used to say when I would try to get her to tell me the ending of whatever book we were reading, “everyone dies in the end.”

  8. kaykuala

    there are those who God
    bless better than you and Every One;

    He who reaps what he sows. They are favored as they do more good than others. Rewards and punishment go hand in hand apparently and you captured it very well, Bjorn!.


  9. Hah! I love the Gordon Gekko reference. It’s impossible to separate that name from greed. An intriguing write-up. Life always has a sequel -so who knows?

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