in his solitude, moonless and lost
the ancient librarian shuffles
through dust
of seemingly identical chambers
for a single truthful apparition
in the pulp-fiction-platitudes left in the wake
of the righteous book-burning youths,
claiming that knowledge is the gravity-root
of their nation’s decay.

He should have
known that the voices
of populist clowns was merely
a canary bird
singing to warn
of circles in soot being drawn
on our doors
and the coming of pyres to burn.

the librarian smiles
in the knowledge
of books he kept hidden,
knowing that
from ashes of books
knowledge might phoenix again.

Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

I wrote this poem form the wordlist of Kerry but realized how this installment about my aged librarian might fit the pictures of Rochelle, and my belief that as long as we keep memories and stories alive we can rebuild what seems to be breaking.

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly prompt where we write stories (and sometimes poems) in hundredd words to the same image selected by Rochelle

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January 1, 2019

34 responses to “Phoenix

  1. I like his pleased smile, knowing he has saved knowledge which will hopefully inspire people of the future. I love your aged librarian series, Bjorn.

  2. Your poem is a story of prophecy and purging but it is also a story of hope. I have faith in the aged librarian. Your caged frog picture is perfect! Happy New Year, Bjorn.

  3. The caged frog photo is a lucid dream unto itself. Lovely poem. Is it just me or is the turning of the wheel just pure writing fuel?

  4. a single truthful apparition
    in the pulp-fiction-platitudes

    Such a remarkable image.. and so much painful truth in your description. Yet another fine chapter in the old Librarian’s book.
    Thank you for using words from the Skylover List!

  5. I live opposite a library, and how things have changed since I was a kid. I can speak in there now without receiving a ‘shoosh’ from a frowning librarian! A delightful poem Björn

  6. Stories have become the spoken and written record of distant past and recent past. When we no longer have stories, we will be dead or dying.

  7. Stories are how we are who we are, whether as individuals or nations. Populist politicians may wrench the narrative in their favour for a while, but ultimately the librarians will win!

  8. First, love the caged frog! LOL! Second, I loved your poem, too. Knowledge is a phoenix for those who believe.

  9. Beautiful and deep. As long as people who can tell stories are around, not all will be forgotten.

  10. This librarian, as well as the guardian of the past, is the warden of our future, of multiple futures, hopefully not all as bleak as the dark ignorance of our book-burning present. Finely done, Bjorn, and vivid use of each word on the list.

  11. them. And I agree you’ve brought chill and hope together in this piece.

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