Facts and fiction

Drowning in his books
the aged librarian is blessed,
but imagining how the world
outside remains,
still sane and ruled with sense,
how compassion is the guiding star,
how fairness frames the law
and that he safely can ignore
the faint commotion
seeping through the walls
but alas, he doesn’t know
how much closer fiction
   is to facts.

Adolf Gottlieb Friedrich, Reading by
Caspar David Friedrich

Marian Hosts at toads with the single word Imagine.

December 21, 2019

7 responses to “Facts and fiction

  1. He is lucky he can imagine a kinder world than is outside the library. I like life between the pages of books so much, I can relate to the aged librarian. Nice one, Bjorn.

  2. Oh man, this feels so hard to read and take in. If only. If only! Libraries are such a refuge, at least I think so, and here quite literally so. This librarian may have to take a last stand, not too long from now.
    Thanks, Bjorn. xo

  3. The library was a safe haven for me as a kid – I can still close my eyes and remember it perfectly – my bike (with training wheels) parked just outside. Love the aged librarian poems.

  4. I remember the day it dawned on me that most people don’t even bother to pretend to try to live up to the ideals in books. Stay in the library, dear aged librarian, where hearts are true, rulers are just, and good always wins.

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