Could have been for father

If the colors doesn’t fit your suit
or if you think that silk is way too cute,
you may use it, tying mother to the stake
or turn it to a sleeping-bag for snakes,
you may shred it or spin it into yarn,
but I hope you like it Pa, or I’ll be darned

I host MTB dVerse, and I follow an old tradition in Sweden to write rhymes for gifts. If you hadn’t guessed it this is for a tie I might have given to my father. This is not great poetry, just fum.

December 19, 2019

25 responses to “Could have been for father

  1. I knew it was a tie, immediately.You’ve got me in that frame of mind. Wonderful prompt. I wrote 4 quatrains, but could have written a dozen; too much fun.

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